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Sinus Infections: Learning the Facts and Finding Help

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus linings and can lead to sinus infections.  For the 37 million Americans who suffer with episodes of sinusitis, the issue is far more complex. Painful symptoms stemming from attacks that can occur up to several times a year can prove to be debilitating or, at the very least, an incredible nuisance. For those who need help identifying and managing their sinusitis, it’s essential to understand this condition and who to call for help.

What are the symptoms of sinusitis?

The symptoms of sinusitis can include any or all of the following: a stuffy or runny nose, facial pressure, facial pain, loss of sense of smell, a cough, congestion, dental pain, bad breath, fatigue, and fever.

What are the different types of sinusitis?

There are four different types of sinusitis, all defined by the duration and severity of the episodes.

  • Acute sinusitis: cold symptoms like sinus pressure pain and a runny or stuffy nose that appear suddenly and persist into the 10 to 14 day mark. The overall length of an acute sinusitis episode generally lasts less than four weeks.
  • Subacute sinusitis: cold symptoms and inflammation that extend past four weeks and persist up to eight weeks.
  • Chronic sinusitis: when inflammation and cold symptoms persist beyond eight weeks from the point of onset.
  • Recurrent sinusitis: episodes of sinusitis that occur multiple times throughout the year.

Who is at risk of sinusitis?

Though anyone can suffer a sinusitis attack due to sinus blockages caused by conditions like the common cold and allergic rhinitis, certain people have increased risk factors. Those with blocked drainage ducts, nasal polyps, immune deficiencies, nasal mucous membrane swelling, or a deviated septum, or those taking medication that suppresses immune function are more likely to experience sinusitis.

Who can help alleviate the pain of this condition?

A board certified otolaryngologist (ENT) can offer patients suffering with sinusitis a solution. Suresh Raja, M.D., a board certified ENT with more than 20 years of experience working to help free patients from their ear, nose, and throat ailments, can perform the CLEAR Sinus® Procedure to help alleviate sinusitis pain. The CLEAR Sinus® Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure performed in office that opens sinus passages in order to alleviate pain and pressure. Dr. Raja’s office also offers the only four centers in Florida, located in WellingtonBoynton BeachOrlando, and Palm Beach Gardens, where patients can opt for conscious sedation during the procedure for complete comfort.

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