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"It has changed my life 100%"

Sinus Procedure® done in his office and within 10 days was a totally different person. I would recommend this highly because it has changed my life 100%. I suffered with very severe sinus problems for four yrs. I saw Dr. Raja's commercial on TV and I called immediately to set up an appt. I had the CLEAR

"I haven't felt this good in years"

I suffered for years with chronic sinusitis. I had nausea and severe sinus headaches most days of the week. I finally decided I could not live like this anymore and went to see Dr. Raja. It was the best thing I ever did! I haven't felt this good in years. I do not have headaches anymore and no nausea. I am able to exercise and live the active lifestyle I desire without pain. Thank you, Dr. Raja!

"My headaches stopped and I could breathe much better"

For a long time I suffer with bad headaches and the only thing I could do is pray to the lord and ask him to bless me with a good doctor who knew what was going on with me and help me. My niece commend me to Dr. Raja (ENT). As I was waiting to see the doctor. I notice on television screen about the CLEARSinus Procedure®. When Dr. Raja suggest about the having the ballon sinuplasty done, I knew right then and there that the lord had bless me with the right doctor and I knew it would work. He gave me some information about it. The day of my procedure Dr. Raja and his team made me felt very comfortable and ease. My headaches stop and I could breath much better. I would highly commend Dr. Raja to anyone. He is one of most professional, kindness and gentle doctor I know and also his staff. Thank you doc.

"I have a new nose"

I have had life altering sinus pain and congestion for years but was always hesitant to have tissue removed via the old fashioned "tissue taking" type procedures that were available. Once Dr. Raja explained in detail what the CLEARSinus Procedure® was all about, I was all in. The procedure was painless and they made me feel like a VIP. That was 6 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I have a new nose. I sleep better and have no more pain. Thank you Dr. Raja. You will be seeing a lot of my friends shortly!

"I recommend this doctor to friends often"

I have been seeing Dr. Raja for over a decade. From FESS, to ear tubes, sinus infections to ear infections; his compassionate and caring manner are always appreciated along with his impeccable medical acumen! I recommend this doctor to friends often.

"Professional, efficient and caring"

I just had a CLEARSinus Procedure® treatment last Friday. I was sick of being sick with sinus infections, so I decided to try this minimally invasive in office procedure. I am happy to say the whole procedure took less than 20 minutes and my sinus headaches are already gone, 3 days after the procedure. I would recommend this to anyone. Dr. Raja is extremely professional, efficient and caring. I highly recommend him for any sinus and allergy needs! I was back to my normal activities within 24 hours and feel great! Thank you Dr. Raja.

"I can breathe again!"

The CLEARSinus Procedure® was so quick and easy. Dr. Raja did an excellent job at making me comfortable. 1 month later I have no sinus headaches, no pressure, and I can breathe again!!

"Kind and thorough"

Dr. Raja is always kind and thorough. He has been my doctor for 4 years and I could not be more pleased with him and his staff.

"Would highly recommend"

I am a new patient and I have been treated by Dr Raja two times in the past 3 months. I have been so pleased with the treatment, professionalism, and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Dr Raja and Palm Beach Sinus Center based on my first two interactions. Thank you for helping me.

"My headaches are gone and I am breathing great"

I am so happy that I had the procedure 3 months ago. My headaches are gone and I am breathing great without medications anymore. Thank you so much Dr. Raja , you were right!!!

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